about me

hi, i’m kate.

i’m a pittsburgh girl living in charlotte, nc with my husband and two kids.

this blog has been in the works since 2015, but was started in 2017 as a result of my burgeoning conscience when it comes to clothing and beauty products.

it’s a space for all of us to converse and learn more about ways to shop ethically.

“rainy days & runways” comes from the first iteration of what this blog was going to be, which was more specifically how to dress for the weather. that idea is still incorporated into the blog, just a little differently than i originally imagined.

i love my family, soccer, running, writing, reading, coffee, shoes, & pittsburgh sports – just to name a few.

if you want to learn more about me you can check out my personal blog space: lifefrom5feet.blogspot.com.