be the change.

we’re on vacation in charleston, sc this week, and wednesday some of us went into town to do some shopping. i wasn’t looking for anything in particular and thought i’d probably come home without actually purchasing anything.

and then we came across a shop called be the change.


you guys, this boutique stocked only brands and items that give back in some way. they had worked with around 80 different brands who provide training and jobs for people – mostly women – in various countries around the world. some of the brands simply take the “trade, not aid” model. some of them provide clean water, some of them provide counseling for victims of trafficking. but all of these brands were for the good of the people making them.

and this boutique broke my heart because they’re closing.

they’ve been around for almost three years, and have been featured on multiple blogs. and they had so much good stuff in there – even after condensing from 3 rooms down to one. i ended up going in twice because i decided to buy a bunch of christmas presents from them. despite the fact that they’re closing i wanted to make a point to support a store like that. to support a store that makes a point to affect change in the world.

after walking through there and talking with ashley, i’ve realized how much i really want all of my purchases {as much as possible} to support people who make my clothes and my jewelry and my gifts, etc. in an ethical and responsible manner.

it made me double down on my resolve to help be the change.

i hate that a store like this is closing. it makes me realize how much more educated and informed i need to be. how much more i need to learn. and how much more i need to support those brands and shops that are doing good.

if you’re in charleston please go check them out before they close their doors for good!

happy friday!



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