count the ways: double point earrings

these earrings. these are the earrings i posted about back here a couple of weeks ago. and back then i was really excited about them – i didn’t even have them yet, and i was ridiculously excited.

{double point earrings from Goodwin, via Goodwin’s site}
well, let me tell you, my love has not waned. there are so many ways to wear these earrings that it’s a challenge to figure out how i’m going to wear them each day.

and yes, i said each day. each and every day. because that is how often i’ve worn them since they came.

even throughout the 10×10 challenge i wore these earrings every day. not because i had to – jewelry and accessories are freebies in the 10×10 – but just because i wanted to.

so, how many ways can one wear them? i’ve come up with nine so far. yes, nine. and that doesn’t even include all of the combinations with other earrings thanks to my triple piercing.

a number of ways utilize my double piercing, but some of my favorites are the single ones. here’s a closer look at each:

i think they’re one of the best purchases i’ve made in a long time.

what do you think?








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