looking forward & giving back

{found via pinterest from half united} – they’ll be brand spotlighted soon!

august always finds me looking forward to fall. always. this august is no exception; it’s just that this year i’m trying not to buy up everything cozy that i come across.

it’s always crazy to me that it’s still about 90* outside, and yet here we are buying sweaters.

the next few weeks of our family’s life will be crazy, and in that sense i’m looking forward to september even more so than usual.

and i realized that the busy-ness of life is a big part of what causes us to not care. {yes, i realize that seems disjointed. allow me to explain}:

when i get really busy i stop menu planning, and i end up spending more money on things that are worse for me simply because they’re easy.

when i get really busy i stop seeking out the best places to purchase the things my kids need, and i start buying them from the easiest places.

when i get really busy i stop thinking about what would be best, and simply choose what’s right in front of me because it’s easy.

i allow the busy-ness of life to dictate more than it should.

the purpose behind this blog is to keep me honest, and to do a lot of the leg-work for me and for you. if we know what the ethical options are for buying goods that we want and need it’s far more likely that we’ll support those options.

i didn’t know where to start for a long time, but i knew i needed to start somewhere.

so i started this. it’s a way to force me to check into companies and brands. it’s a way to discover businesses that are doing things the right way. and sharing them – making them more accessible to people around me – that’s a bonus.

please let me know if there are specific items you’re searching for. i’d love to help you look!

i hope your week is off to a good start!





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  1. You aren’t there yet, but if you’d like to take a different turn, I’d love to know ethical options on school supplies and on kids uniforms (think solid color polo shirts and khaki bottoms).

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