wednesday july 25

more thunderstorms are on their way today, and i for one am quite excited about it. because thunderstorms mean it won’t get quite so hot, and i have an excuse to dream about fall.

anyway, i got a fantastic new necklace in the mail on monday, and i had to work it in today because it’s just fantastic.

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monday july 23

today is supposed to be 85* and stormy. and we can definitely use some rain!

this is the part of the summer where it feels long and short at the same time. the part where i realize how fast it has gone, and simultaneously start dreaming about fall days despite the fact that we have a long way to go.

i’m trying to remind myself of all of the good parts about summer though, and a good summer rain is one of the best.

another one of the best? easy maxi dresses like this one:

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tuesday july 17

today is supposed to be similar to yesterday, except all sun instead of just partial sun. so i went back to my normal summer playbook – add interest through texture instead of bulk.

this skirt is one i’ve had for a long while now, but it’s still one of my favorites. i just love the way this outfit came together.

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monday july 16

hi guys, i hope you enjoyed your weekend! we had some extended family in town, and went on some adventures, and {of course} watched france win the world cup!

today we jump back into normalcy. it’s still going to be hot today with a high just shy of 90*, but my guess is that it’ll feel like it’s warmer than that anyway. maybe some cloud cover will help 😉

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