i’m a recovering shop-a-holic. i’m a spender by nature, and i like fashion. i like cultivating my style, and i can spend hours shopping.

but a year or two ago i read a couple of books that made me really think about the people and practices behind the clothes and shoes i buy. these books made me realize that i was not thinking about what i was buying beyond the “it magically showed up in the store and i love it so i’ll buy it {if i can}” sort of sense.

i was taught – as most of us are – that finding quality pieces at a good price is the best way to shop, but price started superseding everything else, and i embraced the idea of fast fashion and retail therapy.

the problem is – i didn’t think about fair wages, or the laborers behind what i held in my hands, and hung in my closet.

so i’m trying to put my money where my mouth is, and make a difference based on where i am right now.

if you have questions, please drop me a line! i’d love to discuss these ideas with you!