revamping & reworking

something new & different

i’ve been thinking a lot about this site over the course of the last nine months or so. i’ve been deciding what kind of space would be most beneficial, and what makes sense.

long story short – if no one missed what was here before it probably wasn’t doing a whole lot to begin with.

hence, i decided to revisit my original plan for this blog. the original plan was to make it similar to a blog i followed until it was shut down – feather. it was fashion based on the weather, and despite the fact that it was based in nyc {and i’m nowhere close to there}, i still checked it daily.

it was fun and quick and inspiring.

the new plan for this site is not to scour the umpteen-thousand websites out there to find tons of new clothes that you’ll think you “need.” {no judgment though – it happens to me all the time. i still stand by my belief that wardrobe needs are a thing.} anyway, the point is this little site will be used for an outfit of the day. it will mostly be particular to where i am in the world, which for most of the time right now will probably be charlotte, nc.

these outfits will be straight out of my closet though. all things that i already have and own. the focus will not be on shopping, but in utilizing what you have.

i’ll add where things were purchased {as long as i remember}, and if you see something you love that’s no longer available, drop me a line and i’ll try to help you find something similar!

the plan is to post outfits in the evenings to help set you up for the next day. some weeks i’ll even throw in some weekend looks on fridays.

i’ll still try to include some notes about ethical and sustainable brands, because they are really important. but for now, we’re going to try a different take.

what do you think? are there any types of outfits that you want help putting together?

leave a comment and let me know!







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