summer 10 x 10: day 2

day 2 was a fun day, and i had to cheat in a way because we spent a lot of time at the pool. but this was the perfect weekend outfit for the few hours i actually wore it – easy & comfortable.

it has been hot here the last few days, as it always is in charlotte in july. summer is not exactly my favorite time of year. i’m more of a fall and winter kind of girl.

this challenge has been a welcome relief in that sense – it’s showing me just how much i can do with only a few pieces. and i’d be completely okay with having fewer summer pieces and saving the rest of the space in my closet for cozy, hygge clothes. {sidenote: if you haven’t read the little book of hygge, you should. it’s a quick read, but a great perspective! and fair warning – it will also make you want to go to denmark.}

top: old, from h&m. {similar here} every time i wear this shirt i remember how much i love it, but somehow it doesn’t get pulled out terribly often. i think this challenge is going to pull it into the regular rotation!

shorts: old, from old navy, and deconstructed by me. {similar here} i had no idea when i “edited” these shorts a few years ago that i would wear them all.the.time.

shoes: matt bernson. peter bought these for me at a sample sale in nyc last summer. best anniversary present ever. seriously. if i could only pick one pair of shoes for the summer, these would be it. i get compliments on them all the time, they can be dressed up or down, AND they’re crazy-comfortable. i wore them straight out of the box for miles and miles of walking around brooklyn & long island and had no issues whatsoever.

and that’s it for today! if you haven’t started the 10×10 and you want to, there’s still time!







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