summer 10 x 10: day 4

on monday {day 4} the kids and i had lunch at my mother-i-l’s house with her and gran. after our normal morning at the gym, this was a welcome change for the kids – especially since they got to have chicken nuggets for lunch.

this was a great outfit for being a little dressed up, but still very comfortable.


feeling like myself while chasing after the kids is sometimes a challenge in and of itself, but i try to dress like i’m “going somewhere better later” because it makes me feel more like me.

this outfit – and this challenge generally – make me realize how many options i actually have in my closet. despite cleaning it out multiple times in the last year i still have a lot of clothes. this outfit is not something i would’ve put together without this challenge, and it was one i was less sure about when i planned out my wardrobe for these 10 days. after having worn it though, i would definitely wear it again.

today’s outfit info:

top: old, from anthropologie. {similar styles on poshmark} this is another one that i still love, but don’t wear nearly enough. it has been a welcome addition, and i’ve only worn it once so far!

pants: new, but old, found on poshmark. {similar here} i love these pants. they are soft and flowy and ridiculously comfortable. and the fact that i found them on poshmark makes them that much better.

shoes: old, j. crew factory {also seen on day 1, and day 3}

did you jump into the challenge? how’s it going so far? there’s always time to start, even if you haven’t yet!








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