summer 10 x 10: days 9 & 10

this is it! we made it through. 10 days. 10 pieces. it felt long, and not so long all at the same time. i’m excited to be able to wear something different today, but it’s also funny how much longer it can take to pick something when my whole closet is available to me! the paradox of choice.

day 9


day 10


the last two days of this challenge were funny because i ended up really like the ease and comfort of day 10. day 9 i probably won’t wear again.

but that’s why i did this – what works, and what doesn’t? can i think of new ways to combine things that i wouldn’t have tried before?

tomorrow’s post will be my full recap of the challenge!

outfit info {for both}:

floral top: old, from anthropologie. {similar styles on poshmark}

shorts: old, from old navy, and deconstructed by me. {similar here}

flats:  matt bernson.

black t-shirt: old, from h&m. {similar here}

pants: new, but old, found on poshmark. {similar here}

shoes: originally from zara, but found on ebay. {similar here. similar flats here.}

necklace: made by me.

have a great monday!










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