wednesday june 20

it has been really hot here for the last week or two, and i’ve been trying to find ways to keep from sweating the moment i walk out the door.

this outfit checks all the boxes!

{see outfit details below}

this one is full of ethical & thrifted buys → shirt: everlane; culottes: found on poshmark; shoes: found on ebay; watch: fitbit; bracelets: silver – found on etsy, gold – magnolia, wooden cuff – raven & lily {no longer available}; earrings: goodwin & old; necklace: made by me.








brand spotlight: 31 bits

most of you probably know of 31 bits, but i had to spotlight them anyway. they’re one of the better known jewelry brands who have trumpeted fairly made goods from their inception.

right now i have a major crush on them particularly because of my daughter. her birthday is coming up, and a visit from one set of grandparents this past weekend meant she got to open a couple of presents early. one of them was a bitsies necklace. she has tried to put it back on with her pajamas every night since receiving it.

shine on bitsies necklace. 31 bits.

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brand spotlight: fashionABLE

i found fashionABLE thanks to a friend of mine, and when she told me their story i really wanted to support them and all they are doing.

this became even more true when i looked further into what they do, and how they do it.

they employ a “trade, not aid” philosophy. you can find more info about it on their website here, but really all that means {as they put it} is: “jobs, not charity.” it’s the whole teach a man to fish philosophy.

they started out with scarves, and then added some amazing leather goods and jewelry, and now they’ve added shoes and apparel to the mix. and i just saw last week that they have a denim line in the works.

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count the ways: double point earrings

these earrings. these are the earrings i posted about back here a couple of weeks ago. and back then i was really excited about them – i didn’t even have them yet, and i was ridiculously excited.

{double point earrings from Goodwin, via Goodwin’s site}
well, let me tell you, my love has not waned. there are so many ways to wear these earrings that it’s a challenge to figure out how i’m going to wear them each day.

and yes, i said each day. each and every day. because that is how often i’ve worn them since they came.

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this week’s best find

this week i’ve discovered some new sites, and the list of what i want keeps growing longer {despite my attempts to make it shorter}. but one thing i’ve been learning is that i need to slow down. as in – not try to buy everything i want as soon as i come across it.

you’d think that would be obvious, but as the number of options for ethically made goods increases, the more i find, the more i want to buy because i want to support the people and companies who are doing it right.

and also because i’m a spender by nature.

this week i found a pair of earrings that a friend of mine added to her site that are just so good. i’ve been simultaneously trying to slow down and wait to buy them, and come up with reasons to purchase them immediately.

after much deliberation, and going back to the site again and again to try to talk myself out of them, i bought them.

prior to that i didn’t even want to share them with you because i was afraid they’d sell out before i could get my hands on them.

but. they really are the best thing i’ve come across lately so i would’ve had to share them with you regardless.

{double point earrings from Goodwin, via Goodwin’s site}

they can be worn many different ways – especially with my triple piercing – and are simple enough for everyday, but interesting enough to wear out.

when i get them i’ve already decided that i’ll do a post on the different ways to wear them. so look for that soon!