inspiration for your week: september 4-7

last week i realized how much less likely it is for me to consistently post every morning when we have to be out of the house by a specific time each morning – and actually be prepared for the day.

so. i’ve decided to move to posting once or twice a week with some inspiration for your week.

this week i put together a few outfits that work for the sticky, hot weather we’ve been having, while still pointing toward fall. because fall is what i wait for all year long, so i’m going to get as much fall as i can!

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monday july 23

today is supposed to be 85* and stormy. and we can definitely use some rain!

this is the part of the summer where it feels long and short at the same time. the part where i realize how fast it has gone, and simultaneously start dreaming about fall days despite the fact that we have a long way to go.

i’m trying to remind myself of all of the good parts about summer though, and a good summer rain is one of the best.

another one of the best? easy maxi dresses like this one:

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thursday july 12

today the weather is once again hot, clear, & sunny. and 90. of course it seems like every time it’s supposed to be 90 my car tells me it’s 98 or something crazy like that. so just think of it as being really hot and sunny, and you’ll be covered!

we have a pretty busy, but fun day over here, including some family arriving in town for a visit.

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tuesday july 10

more hot, sweaty weather is coming our way today. think – mid 90s and not a cloud in sight.

at this point in the summer is when i usually say: forget it, i’m going to wear whatever i want because no matter what i wear, it’s going to be hot and sticky. today i went with something simple.

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