summer 10 x 10: days 7 & 8

for these last couple of 10×10 outfits i’m going to double up on posts mostly because i want to move on to a couple of different things next week – including a recap of the whole challenge.

these two outfits were both very simple and easy, which is kind of my jam in the summer, especially since it has been so stinkin’ hot as of late. {which is a lot of fun when you’re a/c is on its last legs} but it has also shown me that i can get away with not putting a ton of thought into my clothes, as long as there’s a little pop of interest somewhere.

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summer 10 x 10: day 6

on wednesday we spent a lot of time with friends. my best friend from high school and her mom and kids stopped by on their way through town in the morning, and then we took dinner to some other friends because she is recovering from surgery.

it was a busy day, but the good kind of busy – the kind when you’re busy because you’re connecting with people.

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summer 10 x 10: day 5

halfway there! in some ways it’s hard to believe because it hasn’t been terribly tough yet. i do miss being able to grab some of my other favorites, but this challenge has certainly made getting dressed easier!

i kind of cheated on tuesday {day 5} because i went to yoga class in the morning and then the kids had swim lessons right after that so i didn’t really get dressed until the afternoon.

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summer 10 x 10: day 4

on monday {day 4} the kids and i had lunch at my mother-i-l’s house with her and gran. after our normal morning at the gym, this was a welcome change for the kids – especially since they got to have chicken nuggets for lunch.

this was a great outfit for being a little dressed up, but still very comfortable.

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summer 10 x 10: day 3

on day 3 we rode our bikes to church and did a bunch of little things around the house to get ready for the week. and it’s a very good thing i had just seen a photo about how women in europe bike around everywhere and still look cute. otherwise the whole biking thing may have totally de-railed my 10×10 plans.

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10 x 10 style challenge: summer

today begins a new adventure for the next 10 days. i’ve decided to test my more is more approach to clothes, with a less is more approach. caroline of unfancy and lee of style bee have done this quite a few times over the last year or two, and i’ve decided to join in this time around.

they’re not actually starting until monday, but it works out better for me to go ahead and start today.

what it is: 10 pieces for 10 days. that’s it!

how it works: pick your pieces – the 10 pieces includes your clothes and shoes. tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes. accessories are freebies, as are workout clothes, etc. {otherwise, let’s face it, i wouldn’t do it!}

this first time around i’ve picked 3 bottoms, 3 tops, 3 pairs of shoes {of course}, and a dress:

the tops: cream ruffled tank, floral tank, black cropped t-shirt

the bottoms: jean shorts, boyfriend jeans, embroidered culottes

the dress: open-shoulder {super comfy} midi dress

the shoes: flat espadrilles, block-heeled sandals, ankle boots

and there you have it! i’m going to try to post each outfit of the day every day during this little experiment, and you can follow along on instagram too.

what do you think? would you try a 10×10?






this week’s best find

this week i’ve discovered some new sites, and the list of what i want keeps growing longer {despite my attempts to make it shorter}. but one thing i’ve been learning is that i need to slow down. as in – not try to buy everything i want as soon as i come across it.

you’d think that would be obvious, but as the number of options for ethically made goods increases, the more i find, the more i want to buy because i want to support the people and companies who are doing it right.

and also because i’m a spender by nature.

this week i found a pair of earrings that a friend of mine added to her site that are just so good. i’ve been simultaneously trying to slow down and wait to buy them, and come up with reasons to purchase them immediately.

after much deliberation, and going back to the site again and again to try to talk myself out of them, i bought them.

prior to that i didn’t even want to share them with you because i was afraid they’d sell out before i could get my hands on them.

but. they really are the best thing i’ve come across lately so i would’ve had to share them with you regardless.

{double point earrings from Goodwin, via Goodwin’s site}

they can be worn many different ways – especially with my triple piercing – and are simple enough for everyday, but interesting enough to wear out.

when i get them i’ve already decided that i’ll do a post on the different ways to wear them. so look for that soon!