inspiration for your week: september 4-7

last week i realized how much less likely it is for me to consistently post every morning when we have to be out of the house by a specific time each morning – and actually be prepared for the day.

so. i’ve decided to move to posting once or twice a week with some inspiration for your week.

this week i put together a few outfits that work for the sticky, hot weather we’ve been having, while still pointing toward fall. because fall is what i wait for all year long, so i’m going to get as much fall as i can!

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blue + white: wednesday august 22

happy wednesday to you! today looks like it’s going to be a carbon copy of yesterday weather-wise, so i had to go with the airiest of all of my blue & white looks.

can you tell i love this shirt?? this close to my 10×10 and i’m already breaking it back out again. besides loving the pieces themselves, with the lone exception of my fitbit watch this outfit is entirely thrifted {via poshmark & ebay}, handmade, and found on etsy. it’s a win-win-win kind of day.

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