this week’s best find: bindi embellished tee

this week’s best find is from a great brand called raven + lily. if you haven’t heard of raven + lily, don’t worry, i plan to do a brand spotlight post on them soon! for now suffice it to say that they’re raising the bar when it comes to fair trade, and ethical fashion.

this piece is about as basic as you can get on one hand – it’s just a white t-shirt, but the added embellishment somehow makes it even more versatile than a plain white tee.

bindi embellished tee from raven + lily

i chose this tee from their many fantastic pieces because it reminds me of a t-shirt that i have in my closet that i wear all the time. it’s simple. it’s a t-shirt. but the fact that it’s embellished gives it polish, and that little pop that says you tried.

it can easily be dressed up or down, and as an added bonus – it’s on sale! they’re having a pretty big end-of-season sale right now, so it’s a good time to test out a new brand and support a great company all at once.

have you tried raven + lily? are there other brands you know of that you’d like to learn more about? leave a comment and i’ll add them to my list of brands to research.

have a great thursday!



p.s. {i’m going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks on a service trip, and then at the beach, but will still be attempting to post a couple of times a week while i’m gone – look for updates on social media, or just check back here.}






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