two weeks, two trips: packing

over the next two weeks i’m taking as many trips with absolutely no down-time in between. the first trip is a service trip – running a day camp in brooklyn, and the second trip is a family vacation.

my husband and kids will pick me up from the airport at the end of the first trip, and we’ll drive to the beach for the second – likely without even coming back home.

i’m in the middle of the first week right now actually, and i made a concerted effort to pack lightly. what does one bring when headed to brooklyn for a week followed by a week at the beach?

as much cross-over as possible.

so here we go. for a week in brooklyn i have 7 tops, 5 bottoms, a small handful of accessories, and one pair of shoes.

{full disclosure}: there are quite a few things in addition to these because we’re running a camp in brooklyn, which requires workout clothes. and let’s be honest, i’d take workout clothes and running shoes anyway, it’s just not as fun to take photos of them. they also are not entirely necessary so i left them out because technically i could get away with not bringing them.

the key when planning was to grab things that i could wear again if necessary. tops had to go with at least two bottoms, and bottoms needed to be able to be worn more than once.

when i left i had to have both bags packed since peter will likely pick me up and   we’ll get right on the road to the beach.

we are staying at a house at the beach, so i do plan to do laundry, but i also worked really hard to think about how little extra i needed to get away with a week there too.

here are the additions:

swimsuits and a cover-up, rainbows, a couple shirts and pairs of shorts for lounging around, and  a dress for going out to dinner.

i thought about bringing a maxi dress, but then i realized i’d need another pair of shoes, so i stuck with something where i could still wear the  flats i’m taking to brooklyn.


the 10×10 challenge really made me think through these trips, and do as much as possible to cut down on the extras that don’t actually make the trip any more enjoyable.

and that is the question with my wardrobe too. what do i really love? what makes sense? and what is just noise? what makes it less enjoyable instead of more?

i’ve realized i need to do a lot more asking why, and a lot more waiting before i purchase things.

what do you think? is this enough for a couple of weeks on the road? i’ll let you know when i get back!






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