one thing i’ve thought about a lot more lately is the re-use side of fashion. so much of fast fashion is use it and throw it away, or to make ourselves feel better we use it and then give it away. {and there is something to be said for giving it away. although i’ve recently learned that a lot of donation centers can’t even use what they receive and end up throwing a lot of it away.} but what if we didn’t? what if we consciously bought only things that we needed? what if we bought things far less regularly, and only things we really thought about and really loved?

and what if we tried to repair and re-use them whenever something happened to them instead of just throwing them away?

i have started thinking more about this in part because of one specific pair of pants that i have.

these pants are probably about ten years old, but despite the fact that they got a rather large rip in them a few years back i just couldn’t get rid of them. i liked the cut of them, they’re comfortable, and despite the fact that they’re low rise i sewed the rip shut and kept wearing them.

but the rip always bothered me.

so this season, when i fell in love with embroidered jeans, i decided to upcycle my pants.

they say necessity is the mother of invention. this wasn’t exactly a necessity, but it still holds pretty true – i never would’ve tried embroidering my own jeans had i not had a giant rip in the back of a pair i already had.

i’m a pretty big fan though.

what do you think?



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